Intelligent Student Attendance Management System

Project Description

The Intelligent Student Attendance Management System is an automated system that will make use of RFID technology to keep record of students’ attendance at school, therefore the main objective of the system is to avoid using paper work to keep record of student’s attendance which sometimes can be lost, stolen or damaged. The system will allow schools to use technology in order to provide more efficient and accurate attendance system.

Students will be provided with an authorized RFID tag or card. An RFID reader device will be installed at school, thus allowing students to swipe over the reader device to record their attendance. Once a student swipes the card or tag over the RFID device a verification process will take place to confirm the student’s attendance, if the attendance is confirmed then a notification is sent to their parents or guardian.

Project Hardware Component

Find the Hardware component used for this project. The list is not limited, a Finger Print sensor may be used to bring more functionality into the project.

  • RFID RC522 Technology
  • RFID Tags and Card
  • Wi-Fi Technology (ESP8266)
  • GSM Technology
  • LCD Screen Display



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