Mentoring students is one of the roles that I play at Geekulcha. At Geekulcha students are committed to learn, connect, share and put skills to work. One of the best way to give back to the community of “geeks” is to share what you have acquired. In fact, mentoring high school students has caught my attention in teaching, since them I appreciated all the efforts put together to allow us to share within the community.

I have mentored students during the Vacation Work Programme, building ICT solutions for the problems they face at their communities.

 September 2016, Pretoria : Green Health Project (Mentor).Web Development: Teaching the students how to create a website using HTML5, CSS and PHP.

September 2016, Pretoria VacWork. Green Health Group

December 2016, Soweto: Fashion Hub and Certified Entertainment Project (Mentor).Web Development: Teaching the students how to use different framework and technology used to build websites. Students were introduced to the concept of Programming (Object Oriented Programming), Bootstrap Technology, WordPress, Business Canvas, Launchrock.

Claudio, Mentor
December 2016, VacWork in Soweto


December 2016, Ekurhuleni: Learnerthon (Mentor)

Web and Mobile Development: Teaching students how to use the available tools to design solutions. Students were introduced to Business Canvas for their business idea and presentation, Bootstrap technology to build their websites and introduced to the concept of websites (covered material includes : HTML, IDEs, CSS, JavaScript), Mobile App inventor, Intel XDK.

One of the group  I mentored, called ENUF won the second place in the competition during the learnerthon.

ENUF, second Place prize at the Leanerthon 2016, Ekurhuleni.